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Studies in the Leguminosae— Papilionoideae of southern Africa

C. H. Stirton
Bothalia | Vol 13, No 3/4 | a1320 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.4102/abc.v13i3/4.1320 | © 1981 C. H. Stirton | This work is licensed under CC Attribution 4.0
Submitted: 07 November 1981 | Published: 10 November 1981

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C. H. Stirton, Botanical Research Institute, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, South Africa

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Six African species of Psoralea are transferred to Cullen Medik.: C. biflora (Harv.) C. H. Stirton, C. holubii (Burtt Davy) C. H. Stirton, C. drupacea (Bunge) C. H. Stirton, C. jaubertiana (Fenzl) C. H. Stirton, C. obtusifolia (DC.) C. H. Stirton and C. plicata (Del.) C. H. Stirton. Psoralea patersoniae Schonl.  based on an introduced garden plant is placed under synonomy of Cullen corylifolia (L.) Medik. The following new names are published: Lebeckia waltersii C. H. Stirton of subgenus Plecolobium C. H. Stirton;  Bituminaria bituminosa (L.) C. H. Stirton of subgenus Bituminaria and B. acaulis (Stev.) C. H. Stirton of subgenus Christevenia Barneby ex C. H. Stirton; Rhynchosia arida C. H. Stirton; Eriosema gunniae C. H. Stirton, E. preptum C. H. Stirton and E. transvaalense C.H. Stirton. Eriosema capitatum E. Mey. is placed in synonomy with Psoralea tomentosa Thunb., but as P. tomentosa Thunb. is a later homonym of P. tomentosa Cav. it should be referred to P. sericea Poir.


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