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Eremiolirion, a new genus of southern African Tecophilaeaceae, and taxonomic notes on Cyanella alba

J. C. Manning, F. Forest, C. A. Mannheimer
Bothalia | Vol 35, No 2 | a386 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.4102/abc.v35i2.386 | © 2005 J. C. Manning, F. Forest, C. A. Mannheimer | This work is licensed under CC Attribution 4.0
Submitted: 28 August 2005 | Published: 29 August 2005

About the author(s)

J. C. Manning, Compton Herbarium, South African National Biodiversity Institute, South Africa
F. Forest, Leslie Hill Molecular Systematics Laboratory, South Africa
C. A. Mannheimer, National Herbarium of Namibia. National Botanical Research Institute, Namibia

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The generic affiliation of Cyanella amboensis Schinz has been uncertain since the species was excluded from the genus Cyanella L. in 1991. The species has two leaves, a divaricately branching inflorescence, ebracteolate pedicels, and acti- nomorphic flowers with monomorphic anthers. It is endemic to the western parts of central and northern Namibia. Other species of Cyanella have several leaves, racemose inflorescences, bracteolate pedicels, zygomorphic flowers with dimor­phic anthers, and are endemic or near-endemic to the winter rainfall region in southwestern South Africa and southern Namibia. These differences are consistent with the recognition of the species as a distinct genus within the family. Phylogenetic analysis of plastid DNA sequences indicates that C.  amboensis Schinz is sister to the other species of Cyanella, a relationship that also supports its independent generic status. The monotvpic genus Eremiolirion is according­ly erected to accommodate the species. Minor differences in flower colour and vegetative morphology in Cyanella alba L.f. are shown to correlate with the three disjunct groups of populations in which the species occurs, and these populations are recognized at the level of subspecies.


biogeography; <i>Cyanella</i> alba L.f.; <i>Cyanella</i> L; Eremiolirion amboense (Schinz) J.C.Manning & C.Mannheimer. Eremiolirion J.C.Manning & F.Forest; gen. nov.; Namibia. South Africa. Tecophilaeaceae


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