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Saxicolous species of the genus Rinodina (lichenized Ascomycetes, Physciaceae) in southern Africa

M. Matzer, H. Mayrhofer
Bothalia | Vol 26, No 1 | a683 | DOI: | © 1996 M. Matzer, H. Mayrhofer | This work is licensed under CC Attribution 4.0
Submitted: 08 October 1996 | Published: 08 October 1996

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M. Matzer, Institute for Botany. Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Austria
H. Mayrhofer, Institute for Botany. Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Austria

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A revision of saxicolous species of the genus Rinodina (Ach.) Gray (lichenized Ascomycetes. Phvsciaceae) in southern Africa is presented. The study area covers the following countries: Angola. Namibia. Republic of South Africa. Lesotho.Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. Fifteen Rinodina species are treated in detail, and three of them are new to science:Rinodina longisperma Matzer & H.Mayrhofer.  R. scabridula Matzer & H.Mayrhofer, and  R. striatitunicata Matzer &H.Mayrhofer. The general part of the study includes information on the most important characters of the species with a special focus on ascospore types and ontogeny, and biogeographical notes are also given. A key to the species is provided. All the species are described in detail with notes on their ascus characters, spermogonial apparatus, and chemical characteristics, and their substrate and general distribution are indicated. The descriptions are accompanied by illustrations of the ascospores. Except for Rinodina oxydata s.I., the distribution of all the species in southern Africa and other parts of Africa respectively, is mapped.Several names were referred into synonymy, including Rinodina almbornii H.Mayrhofer. a synonym of R. confragosula (Nyl. in Cromb.) Miill.Arg.. and R. depressa (Vain.) Zahlbr. and R. albicans H.Mayrhofer which are synonymous to R. huillensis Vain.A separate section encompasses nine excluded species.


biogeography; flora; lichenized Ascomycetes; Phvsciaceae. <i>Rinodina</i>. southern Africa; taxonomy


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