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Leaf anatomy of the South African Danthonieae (Poaceae). XI. Penta­ meris longiglumis and Pentamerissp. nov.

R. P. Ellis
Bothalia | Vol 15, No 3/4 | a1849 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.4102/abc.v15i3/4.1849 | © 1984 R. P. Ellis | This work is licensed under CC Attribution 4.0
Submitted: 06 December 1984 | Published: 06 December 1984

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R. P. Ellis,

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The leaf blade anatomy of Pentameris longiglumis (Nees) Stapf and that of an undescribed Pentameris species is described and illustrated by means of photomicrographs. It is shown that the anatomical structure of the leaves of the new Pentameris species in particular, both transverse sections and abaxial epidermal scrapes, resembles closely that of species placed in the genus Pseudopentameris.  This anatomical resemblance is closer than that with any Pentameris species. It appears, therefore, as if transfer of this new species to Pseudopentameris is justified on the anatomical evidence and this indication must be followed up by morphological studies. Pentameris longiglumis shows close anatomical resemblance to P.  macrocalycina  (Steud.) Schweick. and  P. obtusifolta (Hochst.)Schweick. and should be classified with these taxa.


Danthonieae; leaf anatomy; </i>Pentameris</i>; <i>Pseudopentameris</i>


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